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With social media being all the rage right now, small businesses are flocking to try to figure out how to make it all work. However, what they’re discovering is that it’s not enough to have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (among other SM channels), you also have be be active in it to start reaping the rewards.

Last week I had a consultation with an office equipment company here in Chicago and they were excited about having hired a consultant to teach them about implementing a social media plan.

They showed me their website which was wearing new badges as proof that they are now using Social Media. They included a Facebook, Twitter, and Blog image showing that they’ve now made it to the new age of connections.

While I congratulated them on their efforts, I let them know that…

…social media is more than just links to these communities on their website

They never told me, but I imagine they paid at least $5,000 for the consultant to come in and give them generic advice on social media.

So here the truth. Social media is a way for you as a marketing consultant to make a great  living, especially considering that most small businesses don’t know how to properly manage that type of marketing.

But I also want you to know that you’d be doing a disservice to these needy businesses if all you can do is “set them up”.

Social media is about relationships. It’s about connections.

Small businesses can benefit from social media if they are taught how to properly utilize it for their business or you are able to manage it for them in the right way.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to use it right for yourself while also learning from applying Social Media strategies for your clients’ type of businesses.

Is there money in Social Media Consulting. Absolutely!

What do you think? Is social media a service that you’re ready to offer businesses in your community? If not, what’s holding you back?

Are You Helping Local Businesses With Their Branding?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The other day, I was talking to a business and got extremely fed up. I got irritated because almost every business that I work with does the same exact thing that never works.

I asked them a typical question, “Can you tell me what makes your business different?

Guess what they said?

“We have the lowest prices, best products and we have great customer service.”

I felt bad but I didn’t want to vocalize what I was thinking. As you can image, I said to myself “Who isn’t saying that?”.

Virtually any business can say that. So rather than making the business appear different, they are categorized with the same businesses that probably failed their customers by sharing those usual expectations and not meeting them.

So when I was done with the meeting, I walked away and pondered why everyone had the same canned answer even if it never works.

And I think I figured it out. In fact, I know I did.

Check out what I discovered…

Looks like I have just one more opportunity to present to my business clients.

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Don't Put Your Eggs In One BasketMany beginner offline marketers get stuck initially for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons they get stuck is not knowing what to offer offline businesses.

Internet marketing consists of so many things and if you’ve been in internet marketing for some time, its seems like there are new money making concepts and products that come out weekly.

That’s why people get stuck when it comes to knowing what to offer; they have been presented so many options over time that they don’t know which of the thousands of strategies to offer to these offline businesses.

So, let’s dive into 3 quick and easy services that you can implement to get started.

These by no means are everything you can offer, however, they’re a great place to start in order to begin earning your first $500 checks over and over again.

Feel free to make your own “marketing value meals” mixing and matching these services in order to increase the value of each client.

1. Starting Their Social Media Campaign – Ok, you’re probably thinking, “I’m not sure how they can use social media to grow their offline businesses”.

In reality, every business should be using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and even Plaxo to expand their reach. These are all sites that instantly give them access to people in their surrounding area and area of interest.

So, whether you’re a social media mogul or just getting started, you can always cater to them based on your knowledge of these sites and expand on your social media services as you learn more.

Let’s say that you use Twitter sporadically and haven’t been able to master it just yet. Let’s also say you just got started with Facebook and are starting to get your first few friends.

You can offer these offline businesses a service that will set up their profiles for them and link them easily with FriendFeed where they can manage all the sites from one place.

For this type of service, you aren’t doing anything else but creating their profiles and setting them up. Do you have to be an expert at getting friends or followers in order to simply set them up with profiles? Absolutely NOT!

Can you still charge $500 or more up front to set 3-4 of these profiles up for them? Absolutely!

Knowing this, you can even charge your first few clients a discounted price as you learn how to simplify the social media profile setup process. Eventually, you’ll learn how to spend less time on the work to get the same amount of money or more!

2. Integrate A Lead Capture System Into Their Existing Website – this one is perhaps the absolute easiest way to make a quick $500 whether you’re just starting with your offline marketing business or already performing other types of marketing services.

Many local businesses already have nice looking brochure style websites that are online, but aren’t getting any types of results. At the end of the day, there’s only two reasons for any business to have a website. The first is for a business branding strategy (which doesn’t make sense unless the business has a big budget) and the second is to generate actual results, namely new leads.

The biggest challenge these local businesses have with getting new leads for their business is that they don’t have any effective way to capture leads besides a posted phone number and/or address, and many times, these are somewhere hidden in the bottom of the website.

So, as heroic as you are, you approach them asking them what kind of results they’re seeing from their website. Chances are they either don’t have a clue or start crying because they haven’t seen 1 single new lead from their website.

Then you present them with your “cutting edge” lead capture system that will get their website visitors to opt in and request more information. What’s this “cutting edge” lead capture system? The good old fashion autoresponder that everyone in internet marketing talk about, but offline businesses are completely unaware of.

So what are you really doing for $500. Adding your autoresponder code to their existing website or adding a nice looking, “relevant” pop up that offers them something special in exchange for entering their name and email address.

Again, most likely, they’ve never seen anything like this before and didn’t really know that they can set up a simple system that allows them to capture leads and contact their new leads in a sequence all automatically!

3. Set Up A Blog To Help Them Communicate With Their Target Market – most business websites, if they have one, are static websites that have the same content from the time they were originally created. As you know, these sites offered little to no open communication with their visitors.

But as the expert (experience is irrelevant for what you’ll be doing here), you show these offline businesses the value of having a blog and how big businesses have invested millions of dollars in their corporate blogs to have an open dialog with their consumers.

Then you tell them that you don’t charge anywhere near that. You don’t even charge $1,000. You tell them that since you support small to midsize businesses (and happen to have one as well), you have a small business discount of 50% to get them started with their own blog.

Once you get the check, you ask them for just a few things including their website hosting information and for the most part, installing a blog is just a few clicks away. You can even offer to host their blog for an additional monthly residual income while having the control of which hosting to use.

Why is this important? Because you would choose a hosting account that uses Cpanel to manage your hosted files. The great thing about cpanel is that installing a blog is literally a matter of clicking a few buttons and adding the new login details for the blog. It will literally take you 20 minutes to have their blog up and running.

So there you have it, three quick and easy marketing services that you can start with today to begin making $500 checks from local businesses. You don’t need to make it harder than it has to be. Start with these three services and you’ll be surprised how fast it takes you and how little time is required to start earning $3,000 to $5,000 a month all off of $500 services.

Again, you can mix and match them and create special packages to increase the value of your offering once they give you the first yes!

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