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How One Paper Can Simplify Your Offline Consulting Business

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

As Christmas and New Years approaches quickly, I’ve been taking the time to think about some opportunities and challenges in my life, family and business.

One of my New Years commitments (not resolutions) is to FINALLY simplify things.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simplify your business?

After a wonderful and insightful meeting with a client today, I’ve come to the realization that over the last few years, my ambition to achieve perfection has been more of a hindrance than a force for good.

… and if perfection is the goal, when is it ever achieved? (that’s right, NEVER)

So, my main objection moving towards 2011 is progress not perfection. It’s simplicity rather than enormity.

You see, in my meeting today, my client looked over to the top of my computer monitor and read a small note I’d placed there close to a year ago which has become invisible to me over time.

He said that it addressed one of the problems that has kept him from achieving his financial goals. In fact, I find it common for most business people.

And to be honest with you, I’ve been guilty of this too.

Are you wondering what it said?

The hand written note read “Don’t chase after the exotic until you’ve mastered the basic.”

I wrote it there nearly a year ago to remind me that “good enough” is really “good enough” to start and improvement always comes after. I had found myself spending way too much time trying to perfect every aspect of my business before even entering the race.

How silly is that?

Well, now I know the difference and with the reminder my client gave me, I’ve prioritized “simplicity” again.

That’s exactly why I wanted to share this with you. It’s a one page document that has the ability to clarify business for you and make it as easy to take action on as possible.

Yes, one page can really make all the difference in the world!

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Why Being An Offline Consultant Is Costing You Money

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Recently I was looking back at how long I’ve been marketing online and it turns out I’ve been doing it for about 4 years now. Most of that time it was not very successful since I was all over the board with opportunity after opportunity.

Then about a year ago, I stumbled across someone talking about offline consulting and I thought I’d give that a try. At first, I was completely excited about the thought of being an offline consultant like so many people talked about. I purchased course after course to learn everything I needed to know to “be successful”.

As a matter of fact, I was just transferring all my digital courses to an external hard drive and it turned out that I had about 46 gig’s of memory dedicated solely to offline consulting materials (crazy huh).

The last year has been amazing and I would positively say that it has been my most profitable year with my online business. However, over the last few weeks, I’ve made some shifts in my business.

I love what I do and I’m not gonna stop, but what I realized a few weeks ago was that “Offline Consulting” has just been another trend for internet marketers. I say that with complete honesty and sincerity and also because I see main stream internet marketers all creating products in this category just like they did when it was all about adsense, blogging, pay per view traffic, cpa offers and other trends that came before them.

So I’ve concluded that offline consulting is just another fad to the internet marketing community. I’ve purchased new products in the category over and over, and while they’re great, it’s costing marketers a lot of money to continually learn as it did when I was just getting started online.

So, am I saying offline consulting isn’t worthwhile. Hardly. I do write this blog which just so happens to be named Offline Consulting Success.

What I’m saying is not to get caught up with the same mindset as with other marketing products or in the same perpetual buying cycle.

Rather than focus on “offline consulting” which is really an internet marketing term, focus on business marketing or business growth consulting which is the direction I’m taking.

I’ve been able to help tons of businesses grow their business and it’ll be a shame if the only needs I help them with is “internet marketing”. Sure its a niche, but businesses need much more than that and are willing to pay handsomely for it.

Again, the two reasons why offline consulting is costing you money is because most people continue spending money on course after course and never do anything with it AND its costing you great opportunities to help business in a much wider scope dealing with their issues at hand.

I’ll leave you with this. I just took on a client who owns a real estate office. While she could use a website and many other internet marketing tools and strategies, she hasn’t done anything with her existing database of past clients and prospects. In fact, I’m making the same money to put together a marketing campaign to those people than I had been charging for websites about 6 months ago.

Guess what I’m doing for the $2,500? I am consulting her on gathering the data, offering her two direct response letters, and then consulting her on what to do when the people start calling. No technical skills at all, and now I’m charging for my intellect rather than technical skill.

What do you know that you can start offering businesses? If you aren’t very technical, you can make tons of money dropping the “offline” part of the title and start consulting!

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I wanted to change it up a little today. While my goal here at Offline Consulting Success is to provide you with valuable advice and tips on becoming more profitable as a marketing consultant, I realize that there is still a huge challenge that I will never be able to help you overcome.

Virtually everyone deals with this same challenge, however, the very few who gather the courage to face it are the ones who win the most, create unlimited windfalls of money, and live the life they choose to live.

I’d love to say I’ve mastered this, but its definitely a work in progress. I’m much further now than I used to be be I still have a little bit to go.

By now, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, right? Well, this video will explain everything to you. I watched it and my eyes opened widely seeing that there really isn’t any limitations to do what I want to do. The beautiful thing is, it also applies to you.

So check out the video and be sure to leave your comments telling me what are you willing to do about it!

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There are many strategies to increase the profits of your offline consulting business. While the strategies are many, there’s only 3 ways in general.

What I mean is if you put all the growth strategies together, they can be grouped into three areas including getting more leads, charging more money, or increasing the number of transactions you get from clients.

No matter what way you look at it, these are the only three areas any business, including yours and mine, can focus on if the goal is to become more profitable.

Here’s the thing. Once you learn how to capitalize on those three key areas of business growth, not only do you become more profitable but you have more specialized knowledge to provide to your local business clients.

Can you imagine showing these businesses how they can see almost immediate results by just sharing with them the exact method to use (surprise, it isn’t always getting new leads).

Anyway, now that I’ve shared this with you, I came across a cool report that talks exactly about these three methods and there were some things in it that I’m starting as soon as today.

Go check it out too and let me know what you think!

The More Results You Show, The Higher You Get Paid

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I’m glad to be back to adding great value on this site. I was having severe technical issues over the last few weeks which is why I’ve been going crazy moving things around to other domains to make sure everyone had access to what they needed.

I created two new products over the last two weeks called the Foursquare Marketing System and the Realtor Marketing System. I released them through my subscribers as well as the Warrior Forum and they went great considering they were my first two Warrior Special Offers ever.

Now that I’m getting back to business as usual, I want to start with something that I think you should realize, because without it, you’ll be always getting less money than you truly deserve.

I’m talking about results based selling and advising. This works for any industry, not just our own offline consulting world.

When I was still in the mortgage industry, my clients would pay me a premium because I’d be able to show them how to structure their mortgage in such a way that they would be able to reduce their overall monthly expenses and dramatically increase their net worth using smart equity strategies.

This may sound technical so let me put it in simple terms “contrary to traditional loan officers who were always resorting to cutting their costs and fees, and ultimately commissions, I would show clients with real numbers what I was able to do for others and demonstrate how my strategic plan would improve their lives.

Since I showed them results, they never questioned what I charged for my financial consulting services. I lead with results.

Now, how can we use the same strategy in the offline marketing consulting business? It’s really the same process of showing people results ahead of time to make them “see” that you do know exactly what you’re talking about.

For this reason, my main strategy right now is to get several websites ranked simply to show them what I can do. The truth is, it isn’t really hard to do either for smaller local keyword terms using WordPress (search engines love wordpress) and doing a few social bookmarks and a mention on Twitter and Facebook (both hyper authority sites).

If you don’t offer these types of services, what kind of proof can you start showing in order to demand a higher payout? The truth is, results will always generate bigger paychecks than the possibility of success. Best of all, you can borrow someone else’s results for the same technique that you’re looking to implement for the local business.

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Last Call For Offline Video Marketing On Steroids

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Ok, so yesterday I talked about what video marketing could do for your offline business. It can get you ranked fast, but more importantly, catapult you into an instant expert. It really isn’t that hard either.

So, I know I told you about the Main Street Marketing Machine and how I was already using it to get business even though it hasn’t been out for even 5 days. Well, my first client with this strategy is a financial adviser that is HAPPY to pay me $5,000 for the first strategy alone. I’m meeting with him this weekend to finalize things.

Anyway, I highly recommend Main Street Marketing Machine and I am using it myself. So, I wanted to show you what it was all about. Check out the video below.

So, here goes the so called “pitch” you’re probably expecting now, although I do this very differently that typical affiliate marketers.

I strongly suggest it. I believed in it so much that I purchased it myself. I am committed to following through and putting in the action to get the results. I also recognize that 100% of the claims of it making money is entirely up to me and what I do with it.

This would be the case for you if you take a look and decide its something you want to do in your business.

So, here’s the deal. If you want to check it out and buy it directly from them, no problem, it’s absolutely worth it. Here’s their direct link: .

However, if you want to buy it through my affiliate link which gives me some of the money, click here.

Here’s what I’m going to do for the next 3 people (2 are already gone) who purchase through my link:

  1. We’re going to do group coaching so we do this together (a $1000 value). It’s like a mastermind session between you, me, and the 4 others that buy from my link. They’ll be 6 weekly calls so we all implement the strategies together to make sure you aren’t left in the dark.
  2. I’m gonna give you 4 professional and engaging videos that I use on my own marketing site that gets me sales for different $500 starter services that I offer (a $2,000 value {the minimum I charge clients is $500 per video as you’ll see on my site}). You can check them out by clicking the small images under the main video at I’ll even change the call to action to your phone number or domain name so you can use them immediately. Sheesh, you can even submit them with your new Traffic Geyser account that comes with the package and get yourself dominating the search engines like you will for your new clients.
  3. I’m going to create your first campaign for you (a $1000 value which you’ll sell for over $2500). In a nutshell, one of the fastest cash getting strategies is setting up a landing page under a specific market (like Charlotte Dentist or St. Louis Chiropractor) to get leads. Then you submit a video through traffic geyser to get your videos ranked all over page one. Then you sell the landing page to a business for $2500 – $5000 and do it over again! You’ll need an autoresponder, hosting, and a domain name at the minimum, but we can talk more about that if you need help.

As you can see, I’m giving you a lot of stuff if you purchase through my link. However, you don’t have to since the package is valuable enough compared to most other training programs.

Anyway, if you want to check it out through them directly, click on their link above. However, if you want to check it out, don’t mind me getting paid a little on it, and want all this cool stuff, click here to check it out now.


Once you buy, send me your receipt using the contact form here on the blog and I’ll confirm you’re in.

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Having A Mindset For Success

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Last night I hosted a great call that lasted over two hours. It was full of great content and strategies to grow your offline consulting business. Virtually anyone on the call could have taken the information that was shared on the call and started profiting from local marketing.

Here’s the problem with having more content and strategies; most people already have more information than they really need to make real money with internet marketing skills.

We’ve all gotten the emails, the launch sequences, the promotional videos and audios aside from all the products we’ve already purchased in our pursuit of an internet business. We’ve been exposed to more things than common local businesses know exist.

The problem isn’t not knowing what to do, it’s getting the right mindset to go and share this valuable information with businesses!

I’ve come to realize that it’s mindset, not strategies and tactics that create the biggest gap between those who win and those who wish.

The moment I finally accepted that I have the goods and already had what it takes to bring results to these businesses that are desperate for help, everything changed. The world began looking different. Confidence was something that I built up rather than received one day.

What’s holding you back right now? Are you ready and willing to change your life simply by challenging your greatest fears and uncertainties? You don’t have to ignore them, simply challenge them and take just 1 step each day to remove their deadly grip on you.

You’ll finally break through and get the results you’ve been longing for!

A New Way To Outsource Your Offline Consulting Work

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

If you’re having trouble making it as a successful offline consultant, it’s most likely that you’re facing at least one of these 3 offline consulting challenges.

The first is you don’t have enough clients. Let’s face it, you can know everything there is to know about marketing local businesses on the internet but if you don’t have anyone to provide those services to for a fee, you’ll be eating cardboard sandwiches. If this is your challenge, its easier than ever to get offline consulting clients.

Then next possibility is you don’t have complete clarity about what kinds of businesses you’re gonna help and what to offer them. It’s the classic case of having too many options leading to complete paralysis. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This was the one that trapped me the longest before I broke out and started creating a real business.

My advice to you is simple; find one thing that works well for any business, do it over and over again until you perfect it (while getting paid), then add the next marketing service to your offerings. Once you focus you’ll see real results in your offline marketing consulting business.

With those two out of the way, there’s only one possibility left. Maybe what’s holding you back is actually getting the work done. You may be getting in front of people and getting checks, know what to offer them, but now you have to deliver the goods.

Never fear, there’s a new resource on the horizon to make it all better. It’s called and what makes it a complete must have in your offline consulting tool chest is the fact that you can get tons of different services done for you… you guessed it, for only $5.

Once you visit the site, look around and see what people are offering. There’s valuable stuff but also silly things like breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or writing your name on their foreheads!

However, once you look around, head over to the Social Media and Advertising sections and you’ll find pure gold. There’s people who will create a custom Twitter background, a Facebook page, or even get a one page website up and running for you for only 5 bucks.

There’s even people that will install an SEO friendly wordpress blog on any domain or promote you on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Either way, there are many resources to get the work done so you don’t have to do it all yourself. It becomes a drag to have to be doing everything yourself, especially considering that highly paid offline marketing consultants get paid to help business owners, not to do work that can be outsourced.

Now there’s one less reason why you shouldn’t go out there and completely revolutionize your local market with your marketing services. Get out there and make it happen!

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